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Time measurement Bio-Units

Year 2022

Living matter as the medium to elaborate sculptural processes


through time. Bio-Sculpture as a unit to measure growth, scales,


temporal lines and research on fungal colonies.

Informed by microbiology, biodesign,

philosophy, electrochemistry, futurology,

biotechnology, microscopy,  phycology,


soil science


The Chemistry of Biomaterials

Year 2020 - Ongoing

Learning through experimentation and study of compounds, connecting the micro scale of chemical properties of compounds with the macro scale of cosmos, through artistic intuition informed by chemistry.

Biomaterials  have the possibility to be made and manipulated by  everyone and it is through the creation of the materials that we have the opportunity to learn about the chemistry of biomaterials.

 Informed by chemistry, biodesign,


philosophy, biomaterials, physics,




Biomaterials experimentation, creation and the relation with the human body 

Year 2020 - Ongoing

Connecting different scales to cosmos through creative intuition applied to  matter

Informed by philosophy, chemistry,


biodesign, biomaterials, futurology,


energy harvesting technology


Geographies of the Unknown

Year 2020

Blue-Green algae Spirulina . Speculative Project with spirulina bioplastic  focusing on electrical current from algae during photosynthesis.
Algae as a way to produce energy.

Informed by  bioelectrics, chemistry, biodesign, biology, art, philosophy, futurology, materials research, phycology


Biomatter becomes Bioenergy

Year 2020

From the series "New Systems"   Light , Matter Bioplastic research and experimentation with biomatter to examine relations between light and materiality. How light can be a medium to document a visual passage from a human scale dimension to a cosmic one?

 Informed by  chemistry, physics,

spirituality,  bioelectricity, energy harvesting


technology, biodesign, futurology, social


sciences, biomaterials, philosophy

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