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Biomatter becomes Bioenergy

From the series "New Systems"  Year 2020

Agar Bioplastic, Light and Matter

 Bioplastic research and experimentation with biomatter to examine relations between light and matter. How light can be a medium to document a visual passage from a human scale dimension to a cosmic one?

Examining human sized scales and cosmic scales through the use of light. Speculative research project studying light and matter as a duality offering us the tangibly quality of the immaterial light and the transparency of matter.

Research and experimentation with new materials to interact with the human body, generating new processes to intervene materials and creating a new system of thought

Sculpture project using discs of Bioplastic. Searching for new materials that come from nature and can be processed and absorbed by the natural world once they comeback to it. Using sculpture and light as a research process to find new languages coming from materials.


Bioplastic experimental matter made with agar , water and glycerol.

Agar Molecular Formula: C14H24O9Glycerol Molecular Formula: C3H8O3Water Molecular Formula : H2O 

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