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The Chemistry of Biomaterials

  During  the experimentation with biomaterials in my art practice, I  created sculptures and installations that  used biomaterials as  the focus to interact with matter.  I had the idea of using matter as a path to find energy and viceversa, connecting in this way,  the sculptures and installations with a sense of philosophical search for the truth and a link with cosmos. In the process for the preparation of biomatter, the chemistry of the substances and  compounds became  clearly an  important part of the projects as it allowed them to be connected with the micro scale  of  the molecular  dimension of chemistry,  which was itself connected with the energetic  realm that  explains the universe as a flow of energy.

I explored  and studied the compounds  I was using to create biomaterials and  give them a  visual categorization  to appear inside the micro, macro and human scale .  For the human scale I photographed the compounds as powders, with its diverse colours. For the micro scale I  took photographs of the compounds under the microscope, and for the macro or cosmic scale I related the molecular structures of compounds with constellations of stars to seek an explanation of cosmos through chemistry.

Biomaterials  have the possibility to be made and manipulated by  everyone and it is through the creation of the materials that we have the opportunity to learn about the chemistry of biomaterials.

Formula Sequence-Process 1.jpg

Algae Spirulina

Agar Powder

Curcumin  Turmeric 

Blue  Spirulina