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Year 2022

Part of the collaboration  with astrobiologist Marta Filippa Simoes, Extremophile is a microorganism originated on Earth, that will evolve during transplanetary travel to another planets by human race. 

Informed by  astrobiology, astromicology, microbiology, futurology


From Micro to Macro going through Human Scale

Microscopic  Dimension

Ongoing started on 2020

As part of the research project  Terras Lux, exploration on the microscopy field has been done of  different types of organic matter to explore visually the microscopic dimension as the first phase of the project.

Informed by microscopy, microbiology, biology, biodesign, philosophy

Speculative Imaginaries ignited by Microscopy

Year 2021

Approaching microscopy as a tool to ignite speculative imaginaries. Research through microscopy has been done to provide visual approach to the microscopic dimension on organic matter. 

Matter surrounds us  and we experiment it through  human scale. I propose microscopy as a  way to discover the microscopic dimension and use it as a generator of speculative and new imaginaries, that will pave the way for future systems, future thinking, future societies where humans and nature coexist.  

Informed by microscopy, philosophy, aesthetics, microbiology, art, futurology, sociology, social science, biodesign.


 Neurons and Cells Towards Consciousness

Year 2020

A Performative Installation inspired on observation of microscopic cells.

Cells as a source of knowledge towards consciousness and developing of human civilisation

 Informed by neuroscience, cell bioogy, chemistry, philosophy, cognitive science, anthropology, biodesign, biomaterials

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