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Micro and Macro
Mind Diagram-Formulas

Year 2020

From the series "New Systems" Formulas have been created  interweaving philosophical reflections with  biological scientific research and art, resulting in a series of  Mind Diagram- Formulas created for diverse topics.  As part of Terras Lux Project, a Micro and Macro Mind-Diagram formula of  intuitive thinking has been created to focus on energy from soil as the philosophical point of departure towards an speculative project of interaction with microbial ecosystems inside biota. From energy particles from cosmic rays to signalling cells on Biota, analyzing energy across scales. “Geographies of cosmic energy” as a point of departure for intuitive thinking to understand our nearest future.

Informed by chemistry, futurology, philosophy, energy harvesting technology, biotechnology, microbiology, neuroscience, social sciences, electrochemistry, astrobiology , physics, spirituality, art.

Audrey_Rangel_Matter Cosmos Human Soul Fluidity_1.jpg

Matter-Cosmos-Human Soul Fluidity

Year 2020

Crystallization of time through carbon transformation into diamonds 
Chemical changes through different scales of the universe.


Infromed by chemistry, physics, spirituality, philosophy, art, biodesign, materials research, chemical physics, 


 Ephemeral-Matter Time Cell

Year 2020

Connecting the ephemeral quality of cells components with the cosmic flow


that generates all the universe by disintegrating man made Bioplastic through

Time into the complete cycle of life.

Informed by  biodesign, ecology, physics, spirituality, philosophy, cell biology, biomaterials, chemistry

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