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Microorganism born on  planet Earth  and then  grown on  another planets due to transplanetary travel  by  humanity. "Extremophile" is a  microorganism  that  arrived to a new planet  and that was created on  planet Earth. Its survival on a new planet depends on how it contributes to the new environment  and how it can learn from it. Extremophile is  an example  of  reciprocity as  exponential growth and development.  Presented as a digital  entity, it is the result of  photographs taken while using microscopy  observing samples of soil, and then  translating the bio data into digital images directly from organic matter.  A speculative microorganism that exists between organic and digital dimensions, it  explores the ideas of  terrestrial and transplanetary, organic and digital.

This artwork has been published on the Series StudioLab Summer 2022 on Seisma Magazine Website. 

“Extremophile” is one of the outcomes of the ongoing collaboration with astrobiologist Marta Filipa Simões , as part of Terras Lux Project. The collaboration connects the microscopic dimension of the project with the macrocosm on outer space. Examining the relation between organic matter on earth and other planets and their atmospheres.

Terras Lux Project focuses on new Imaginaries on soil mapping, microecosystems of energy and the relation with the human body. Speculative project connecting artistic practice with materials research as a way to understand Soil-Human Body- Microcosm connections. Using Speculative projects as way to transcend and overcome the non existent In order to expand human consciousness towards civilisation.

Terras Lux Project is an ongoing research project since 2020.

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