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Speculative imaginaries ignited by microscopy

Observing the microscopic dimension can lead us to see and imagine different and hidden realities. Through microscopy, I propose to observe reality and give it a new meaning, through  imagining  new speculative scenarios that depart from biologic matter.  

In this project, exhaustive research has been done  to visualize new worlds  on samples of organic matter, admiring nature and with the aim to share it with the audiences.

This original concept and performance was presented as an  interactive  workshop  for the University of Leeds on December 2021. This was a collaboration with the students of the university that culminated in a video showcasing  the projects and concepts that the students produced during the workshop. The workshop was a performative and  collaborative way to speculate and imagine, together with the students, the creation of new systems  and visions that can potentially be applied to future societies.


  “Microscopy as a tool to ignite speculative imaginaries” is an original concept and performative experience created by interdisciplinary artist  Audrey Rangel Aguirre, created on 2021 and presented to the public  by invitation of The University of Leeds U.K.

informed by microbiology, biology, microscopy, philosophy.

microscopy asa tool
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