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Matter-Cosmos-Human Soul Fluidity

Matter-Cosmos-Human Soul Fluidity"

From the series "New Systems"
"Crystallization of Time Through Charcoal Tansformation into diamonds "
Chemical changes through different
scales of the universe.
Some materials like charcoal are symbols of transformation, transmutation activated with fire, is an idea that encloses the origin of something new, a new substance, a new meaning.
Changes occur at physical and chemical level but also it implies a change in our inner self.
Connecting a Matter transformation with Our Inner Soul transformation. Through Fire. Analysing different scales of this world: From microscopic compounds of matter (chemical formulas of substances and structures) to the phenomenons occurring at the macro realm (phenomenons occurring at cosmos).
In this speculative project, Chemical Compounds and its structure corresponds to the Micro Scale. The formation of diamonds through meteorite impacts on earth corresponds to Macro Scale. And the transformation of our Inner Souls linked to the trsnsformation of Matter, corresponds to the Human Scale.
One of the components of this work is also Bioplastic. That functions as a surface for or the work with changing properties. Bioplastic transforms continuously responding to the elements of Time, weather, temperature. In a way, We could say that Bioplastic acts as s materialization of the effect that elements cause to matter in this world.
I aim to create a formula that links human soul essence with the different textures and matters of our physical reality.
Using Matter, Human Soul Fluidity and Cosmic Textures as materials at conceptual level. To create sculpture-formulas made of "Matter-Cosmos-Human Soul Fluidity".
Charcoal Chemical Formula C Agar Molecular Formula: C14H24O9
Glycerol Molecular Formula: C3H8O3

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