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Ephemeral - Matter  Time Cell

From the Series "New Systems "

Connecting the ephemeral quality of cells components with the cosmic flow that generates all the universe by disintegrating man made bioplastic through time into the complete cycle of life.

BIOPLASTIC as the embodiment of ephemeral and temporary qualities in the matter. Matter dissolving into environment and being absorbed by the cosmic flow. Temporal and eternal as a key element during the creation of new forms, new thoughts. The temporary aspect of the sculpture evokes the ephemeral sense of matter.

Ephemeral - Matter as a strucutre of thought, connecting us with the cosmic flow that constantly changes and multiply our realities. Ephemeral-Matter encourages transmutation from one state to another. Just like the chemical components and elements in the material world create the opportunity to endless transformations surrounding us.

Temporal light sculpture made with agar bioplastic.

Bioplastic components:

Agar molecular formula: C14H24O9, Glycerol molecular formula: C3H8O3 .

Informed by  biodesign, ecology, physivs, spirituality, philosophy, cell biology, biomaterials, chemistry

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