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Visualization of human bodie's energy and movement through light

Inspired on Energy Harvesting Technology principle. Year 2020

Human biomechanical motions (finger movement, walking, running) and even minute displacements inside the human body such as lung motion,  heart beat and muscle contraction possess an abundant amount of energy that can be transformed into new types of energy. I have a vision of the transformation of human movement into energy. By visualising the movement into light, the essence of humanity as an spiritual being emerges to the physical realm, and by merging the energetic field and the physical field, we are placed into the realm  of spiritual humanity.
Using the characteristics of speculative narrative to  propose an action that employs energy from human movement to produce light, through bioplastic matter.

In this project the micro scale is seen through the formulas of chemical compounds,  macro scale seen through the structures of constellations of stars, and the human scale focuses on the energy from human body movement that is being harvested originating light on the agar bioplastic.

As humans,  We have always searched for answers related to our existence. For me, there is a connection between  the scales we perceive, they exist in parallel dimensions but still connected. The scales are the microscopic dimension, the human scale and the vast macroscopic  scale embracing universe and vast phenomena.

There is an specific point of reunion of this 3 scales,  an energy convergence  that allows us to see the 3 scales simultaneously.  I intend to visualize that point.
Chemical Compounds on Bioplastic:
Agar Molecular Formula: C14H24O9
Glycerol Molecular Formula: C3H8O3
Water Molecular Formula : H2O

This research project was inspired and informed by the research of scientist Wataru Hijikata, as his research was part of a research and project during the "Hacking Hearts" residency at the Grow Lab, Central Saint Martins. After the end of the Hacking Hearts event which lasted for 2 weeks, a collaboration with the scientist Wataru Hijikata started. 

Informed by energy harvesting technology, biodesign, futurology , social sciences, biomedical sciences, chemistry, art, spirituality, bioelectricity, biomaterials

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