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Currently developing the research project Terras Lux, focusing on the relation between energy on microbial microecosystems on soil and the energy on human body.

The core and intellectual structure of my project Terras Lux is the energy as electricity produced by microbial ecosystems on soil related with the energy of the human body, I present soil as a natural source of renewable energy that will be the future technology on future systems for human civilization.

For full text about the research project go to the link to Interalia Magazine

For article written by Maryam Arshad about Terras Lux Project go to link  FAYD  Digital Magazine

The project is divided in different phases being the first the visual exploration of the microscopic dimension, which has being achieved by observing samples of organic matter almost on a daily basis, giving place to a catalogued number of substantial samples and their images photographed while using a microscope.

Second phase of the project will be the experimentation with samples of soil  informed by scientific research. 


As part of the development of the project , experimentation on the biological field is being conducted on a regular basis generating installations, photographic documentation of the process, texts, collaborative pieces, experiments and with biomaterials and  materials research, sculptures and video projections, as well as a performative part of the project that is fed by scientific research, philosophy and aesthetics.  Terras Lux Project is an ongoing research project since 2020. 

Current collaborators for the project include astrobiologist Marta Filipa Simões.

Ongoing research project since 2020 informed by biotechnology, microbiology, microscopy, energy harvesting technology, biology, philosophy, astrobiology, physics, astromicology, spirituality.

Axis Interactive installation 

“Three-dimensional Diagram of microecosystem’s energy connected with energy from the human body I” Detail from the installation exhibited at the Degree Show “Virtual Ground” MA Art & Science, Central Saint Martins. Held at Asylum Chapel, Peckham, London, UK, 2021. Photography published in Fayd Digital Magazine Issue 001 November 2021,  Photography by Younkuk Choi.

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