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Collaboration with biotechnologists Edson Reyna and Luis Valtier

Process and experiments part of the ongoing collaboration with biotechnologists Edson Reyna and Luis Valtier

Proof of concept: Turning text into DNA sequence using Processing 4, an approach on how to perpetuate ancestral knowledge using programmable oligonucleotides.

We decode the phrase “These are my words to the world: they can be stored in the DNA” in code then turn it in DNA and translate color and peptide sequence.

Our ongoing research project expands into philosophical approaches to the creation of speculative narratives that derived from the convergence of art and science towards producing a time line on the ancient, contemporary and future of human species through the lens of biodata.

Informed by biotechnology, molecular biology, genetics, chemistry, microbiology, biology, philosophy, ethics


Ogoing research project and  work in progress

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