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Ongoing research project since 2020 informed by biotechnology, microbiology, microscopy, energy harvesting technology, biology, philosophy, astrobiology, physics, astromicology, spirituality, bioart,  futurology, soil science, biodesign, chemistry, bioelectrics, social sciences, art.


Ongoing collaboration as part of Terras Lux Project

Ongoing started on 2021

Currently creating a body of work that has been developed as the outcome of the ongoing collaboration between the artist and astrobiologist Marta Filipa Simões, exploring her current scientific research on metal nanoparticles and the emergent field of astromycology. The collaboration has originated exciting and interesting projects as the creation of speculative materials developed with fungal resources, as well as photographic documentation, texts, experiments, digital images and has bridged the artist’s current project Terras Lux with notions of astrobiology, situating the project into a vision that connects the microscopic dimension of microorganisms on earth with the macrocosm, the vast universe and space.

Informed by astrobiology, astromicology, microbiology, biotechnology, metal nanoparticles, nanotechnology, biodesign


Collaboration with engineer and professor Wataru Hijikata

Visualization of Human Bodie's Energy and Movement through Light

Year 2020

Human Biomechanical motions (finger movement, walking, running) and even minute displacements inside the human body such as lung motion,  heart beat and muscle contraction possess an abundant amount of energy that can be transformed into new types of energy. I have a vision of the transformation of human movement into energy. By visualising the movement into light, the essence of humanity as spiritual being emerges to the physical realm, and by merging the energetic field and the physical field, we are placed into the realm  of spiritual humanity.

Informed by energy harvesting technology, biodesign, futurology , social sciences, biomedical sciences, chemistry, art, spirituality.


Collaboration with biotechnologists Edson Reyna and Luis Valtier

Year 2022- Ongoing

Our ongoing research project expands into philosophical approaches to the creation of speculative narratives that derived from the convergence of art and science towards producing a time line on the ancient, contemporary and future of human species through the lens of biodata.

Informed by biotechnology, molecular biology, genetics, chemistry, microbiology, biology, philosophy, ethics

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